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Who’s Who Diaspora: The Nigerian Story publication is a compilation of professional profiles that curates’ stories showcasing tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a vast educational background. It presents the quintessence of high caliber and budding individuals across various fields and industries. Based on PwC Nigeria’s White Paper Series, creation of platforms such as Who’s Who supports the increase accessibility of crucial information for Nigerians in the Diaspora. A platform where information on opportunities can be shared amongst a professional network and drive remittance flows toward consumption, investment, and development in their respective sub-nationals.

Statistics show Nigerians are well educated with a minimum of two high level degrees working as a career professional and small business owner for supplementary income across the diaspora. According to the Migrations Policy Institute, 29% of Nigerian Americans have graduate degrees compared to 11% of the overall American population.

The landscape of who is who has become overwhelming that an organized structure capturing and documenting Nigerian professionals and aristocrats across the globe is necessary. It allows exchange of best practices to strengthen interaction and collaboration, support economic empowerment, and becomes a viable resource for informational purposes.

The Who’s Who Diaspora: The Nigerian Story will develop a network using innovative technologies and a traditional platform to create an interactive engagement among the Nigerian professionals all over the world. The Who’s Who team, and our partners will embrace a strategic approach and ensure diversity is met for the publication. Furthermore, our backgrounds consist of a high-level network, education, business acumen, public relations, strategic marketing, and communication management.

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Linda Anukuem

Managing Director/Strategy Development

Joana Idakwo

Managing Director/Education

Nora CR

Administrative Associate
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